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Profile of David and Joyce Betts of Grandads Playroom



Early in the 1990's David knew he was about to be made redundant. Having worked for the same company for 26 years, doing the same type of work since leaving school, AND at the tender age of 52, he wondered what on earth he could do......it happened to thousands of people, but when it happens to you,....well, you know what I mean.

He decided to make a business out of a hobby, having been a model maker most of his life.

He had just built a dolls house for our first grandchild (Katy) and was disgusted with the kit, so he set about making his own plans, and built a 'real' doll house.

Friends and neighbours saw it and asked him to make one for their child/grandchild.....A local dolls house shop bought several to sell for children. The shop owner asked him if he would make a 'proper' collectors house and as his name is Tudor, could it be a Tudor house?.......so he built 'Inglenook Hall'

Redundancy arrived. We moved from Norfolk to Lincolnshire, and our new life started.

We soon discovered that there was no authentic 1/12th scale Tudor lighting available. So, David being David, did his research and made his own. Later we were being asked for oil lamps, so our Oil Lamp range was born.

We have decided that we would not go any further than the late Victorian period as we felt this would be treading on the toes of established light makers. David also wanted to explore more of the Tudor period as it is his favoured era, and the tools for the Medieval/Tudor cooking kitchen and house was a niche not yet filled in the miniature world. The 'Olde Charm' Fire Irons range was born.

David still makes doll houses, but only to commission. His method of construction is time consuming as he is such a perfectionist, everything must be right!! as those of you who know him will agree. Consequently house building takes a lot of his time.

Much of the work we do is inspired by our customers requests, if it fits with what we already do, and there is a way of doing it then we add it to our range.

I hope this potted history of Grandads Playroom satisfies the 'enquiring minds' among you. If not, ask, we are always very willing to answer if we can.

Me? well I am just me!!...
You know the old saying "behind every successful man...." well there's me gently manouvering him in the direction we all want him to go.....



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