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Click on the photos to see larger images. These will each open up in a new window. Close the window to return to this page.

Scrap Happy quilt front hexagon quilt
These two photos show the Scrap Happy Quilt on the bed. The top photo has 22,500 hexagons and the reverse quilt has approx 2,500 pieces.
The story of Scrap Happy is told on another page. Follow the links at the top or side of this page.
Scrap Happy Quilt Reverse
Scrappy Hexagon quilt
This next photo does not do justice to the bright colours throughout. The hexagons are larger than those on the reverse of Scrap Happy and the whole quilt took 10 weeks to complete.
The following photo is of a work in progress. It is a larger version of a Dear Jane Quilt. Details of individual blocks are shown on a separate page. Follow the link from the top or side of this page.I just need to put a simple border around the edge and back it.
Dear Jane quilt
Merry Go Round quilt



After about three years this is finally finished with a backing. In order to keep the rounded edges which you can just see along the front and sides, I echoed the shape of the edge pieces with matching patches on the reverse in order to give a 'pocket' for the lining to slip into. Click here to see a picture of a corner of the back.




Here is a close up of the Merry Go Round quilt.

Very basic instructions as to how to construct this quilt can be found here

Scrappy Merry Go Round quilt
Star Garden quilt


Again, after two years in the making, on and off, it's now complete with a backing. In order to keep the zig zag edge which you can just see along the side, I echoed the shape of the edge pieces with matching patches on the reverse in order to give a 'pocket' for the lining to slip into.

Close up of Star Garden quilt


What happened to the left over scraps? Many of you swopped your scraps for British dolls house magazines. Some of you just gave me bags full of scraps. After a while I had used as much as I could myself, but didn't like to throw out so many good pieces.

I go to a sewing group and they do a raffle quilt each year at the Wildflower Festival. The money goes to local causes. I reckon 80-90% of the scraps used were from me, well from you ! I was so thrilled that the pieces could be used. I take no credit for any of the work involved in the making of it. That's all due to other ladies at the group.

Coming soon - photos of a work in progress of a quilt that another lady is making using smaller pieces from my leftovers!




This quilt was made for my daughter to take to Hong Kong. I had promised her one for her eighteenth birthday but forgot about it until she reminded me! She chose the colours and would eventually like to have her 'spare room' filled with vintage looking items.


This is my latest quilt. Can;t believe I'm doing hexagons again, but I have wanted to do a black background quilt since the 1970s! I had all the coloured material so it was just a question of buying the black. After years of knitting it's nice to get back to hand sewing. This is an updated picture put up in October 2009.

Updated picture as of April 2010. The quilt overhangs the table by a bit, but I need to do about one and a half rows down one of the sides and then put matching black hexagons on the reverse side to put the backing material into.

It was fascinating to see a similar quilt at the Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition this summer which was made in the 1940s, using blackout material for the black outlines. Maybe not such a 1970s style after all.























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