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Miniatures Gallery 16



Some links have been disabled as the miniaturist in question no longer has a website or photo page


Vic Newey


Meadowcraft Miniatures


Regina Steele




John Kemsley




Buttercup Miniatures


Painting by Inches


Joanne Shimakawa




Nuts 'n Bits




Margaret Najera


Tracey Benson


Betti Brike




Joan Wheatley




Jackey B


Matlock Miniatures

Barb LewisOrientals ExpressedKubesh MiniaturesKari Bloom MinitonJessMiniature DressesAngelLisa's Little ThingsGerda WeitzPussy Willow PersiansHeatherbee MiniaturesNancy GoldsworthyJean Day MiniaturesWayne Finnegan


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