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Miniature Knitting - Most Recent

Knitting for Dummies!

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New A video that shows me knitting in miniature to give you an idea of the size needles and thread that I use.


I know that a lot of people come looking for free knitting patterns from me. I'm sorry that none are written up and to be honest they wouldn't fit a doll anyway -the requirements for a mannequin are less stringent than a doll. I am loathe to sell patterns that may not fulfill other people's expectations, and to give away free patterns would be unfair on other people who are trying to make a bit of a living from their own patterns.




Nothing particularly different about this one, but having sold most of the early pieces, I wanted to build up my own personal collection. DMC 80 thread, Fil a Dentelle, and size 20 needles.
I think of this outfit as Miss McFadden's walking outfit - suitable for tramping through the glorious Scottish moorlands. The shawl patterns for this and the next two were by Sue Resseguie although I altered things to suit. Size 20 needles, variegated Oliver Twist thread, plus basting thread used for the blouse.





This happened to be made just around St Valentine's Day. The shawl is from a pattern by Sue Resseguie in Miniature Collector with my own addition of the beads. Machine thread, size 20 needles.



Too small to fit on a dummy this is a mixture of two variegated Oliver Twist threads. Size 20 needles.





The same pink variegated Oliver Twist as in the above outfit, but this time with another one in the lilac range. Shoulders reminiscent of the 1980s! Two shades of variegated Oliver Twist thread in the jacket with the indvidual colour ways used for the skirt and blouse. Size 20 needles.
New venture into 1/16 scale, having got one of those little black dummies. Variegated thread.





Picture to show the comparison in size!

Size 20 needles, variegated Oliver Twist thread.

This was always my favourite sweater - reknitted as my first one is now in another collection.

Size 20 needles, 1 ply wool.






Frills, beads, ribbons, the lot. I had in mind that this would look like something out of a romantic novel. Once it was on the stand the wooden feet made me think of boots and the Wild West.... Maybe when I've made a shawl it will revert to gentle romance?

Size 20 needles, variegated Oliver Twist thread.



I always promised myself that I would do a complete sweater in this pattern - it's part of the same graph that I did with 180 thread and size 24 needles on the early pieces page. This was done with Venne Colcoton thread 70/2 and a variegated Oliver Twist thread. Size 22 needles.





I could have block the life out of the skirt, but I rather like the way the panels swing round. Gives movement to the model. Size 20 needles, Oliver Twist variegated thread.
Another 1/16 outfit. Knitted with Venne Colcoton threads on size 22 needles. Mock houndstooth stitch as above.





And a picture to show the comparison


Lots of cable and lace - tiered skirt like we had in the 1970s.

Size 20 needles, DMC 80 cotton.





Lacy halter dress

Size 20 needles Venne Colcoton 34/2

Another shortie dress, this time with embroidered stripes.

Size 20 needles Venne Colcoton 34/2







Barbara Walker Embroidery Check Pattern, Vol 1

Size 20 needles Venne Colcoton 34/2

Useful links for miniature knitting supplies
Venne Colcoton threads


Oliver Twist threads
YLI jeans thread
Other needles and threads including DMC 80


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